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New wave ... New restaurants

Garry Dorr, the founder of catering trademark d o r r PARIS, took over Le Bar à Huîtres on 1st July 2010. Le Bar à Huîtres has raised the standard of its catch and now offers the finest seafood platters in Paris and “an oyster counter that no restaurant in the world can outdo” according to Périco Légasse in the weekly Marianne. Several months of exploring the French coast resulted in what J.C. Ribaut of Le Monde calls “the finest selection of oysters in the capital”.
2 years later, the Bar à huîtres is sacred « Coup de Cœur » by the gastronomique guide Gault-Millau, N°1 Seafood & Fish Restaurant in Paris by Cityvox, Best Seafood & Fish 2012 Restaurant by LaFourchette (TheFork), Prefered restaurant of the Zagat Guide, « Coup de Cœur » Pudlo & the Excellency Certifiate by Tripadvisor for the year 2012..

Exceptional products, oysters « Grand Cru », 100% traceability

In all, more than 24 types of oysters are available : Special Gillardeau N°3, Pousse en Claire David Hervé N°3, Belon Cadoret 00000, Utah Beach Special Yves Papin N°2, Fine de Claire Davis Hervé N°3 … Totaly exclusve productions : the Pied de Cheval de Prat-ar-Coum signed Yvon Madec, the Gravette plate du Mimbeau N°2 Ludovic Hiribarn, the Plate Verte de Marennes David Hervé N°000, the Pinasse de l’île aux Oiseaux, the Special Banc d’Arguin XXL « d o r r PARIS reserve », the Special Pink Oyster of Tarbouriech N°00 … Some recent discoveries by Garry Dorr : the special oysters from Corsica : l’huître Corse Special de l’etang d’Urbino Famille Bronzini di Caraffa, l’huître Speciale Corse de l’etang de Diane Alain Sanci et l’huître plate sauvage de l’etang de Diane, Alain Sanci ..

Seen on television

Le Bar à huîtres on TF1, on the lunch time news of Jean-Pierre Pernaut

Le Bar à huîtres on TF1, on the evening news of Claire Chazal

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World first at the Bar à huîtres, the menu on Ipad

Le Bar à Huîtres is at the forefront of the international restaurant trade by offering a menu on iPad at its four Parisian restaurants. Months of research have resulted in the development of an Apple-validated application. It is quick and easy to browse and very intuitive. It is now easy to choose an oyster, a platter of seafood or a dessert: the iPad has more than 300 photos to help you make your choice. Interviews with our oyster growers and maps showing where the oysters, wines and water come from ensure full traceability of our products. Two languages are already available and soon there will be seven. All in all, 250 iPads are at your disposal. A four-person team managed by Cédric Lechat and Emily Bourdin is supervising the launch of this world first. An experience waiting to be discovered.

The team d o r r PARIS, passionate team at your service

Le Bar à Huîtres is proud to have the best shellfish specialists in Europe, with trophies to show for it. Our restaurants consequently guarantee strict shellfish compliance thanks to our shellfish specialists who regularly distinguish themselves in international competitions. For example we can boast André Tronscoff, European and French champion, Mustapha Ounissi, runner-up in the European championships, or the current title holder of “meilleur écailler d’Europe 2011”, Jonathan Lamine. The same requirement on the selection of the teams of room and kitchen. In all more than 15 jobs work day and night towards a single purpose: your satisfaction.


« Coup de Cœur » 2012 by the gastronomique guide Gault-Millau

N°1 Seafood & Fish Restaurant in Paris by Cityvox

Best Seafood & Fish 2012 Restaurant by LaFourchette (TheFork)

Prefered restaurant of the Zagat Guide 2012

« Coup de Cœur » Pudlo & the Excellency Certifiate by Tripadvisor for the year 2012

Organisation of the Club des Cent Diner

Organisation of the Rallye of Paris Diner


Success was not a long time coming thanks to a magnificent job done by the dorr team in Paris. Thank you to our customers without whom none of this would have been possible

The team d o r r PARIS

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